Linux Insync app crashes when moving folders


I am moving my files of an aging USB drive to a SATA drive, and I am having trouble moving the insync mirror. When I am working with the app, it crashes, sometimes just with the mouse moving over it, or just selecting files, and I restart it, give it time to quiesce, and try again, but it crashes out again. Rebooting did not help. Is there an easy way to move all the local mirror folders? Can I help debug this crash? I copied all the files over with the hope that it would just recognize them as in sync! Insync version 1.5.7 running on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.2 with all current patches.


I think you have a problem with Insync and Ubuntu.
Start insync once in the terminal then do what you always do and see if there are error messages in the terminal.