List 'in progress files' in Feed


One of the things I find useful in the OneDrive client is to see which files are currently syncing, which enables me to see some progress.

It would bench if this could be linked to the account/drives/files list so that I could then either pause/resume or stop the sync (again similar to OneDrive client.



Hi @GramQ,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! We currently have a progress overlay (Syncing... found on the lower right) which you can expand to see which files are being synced. Am I understanding that you prefer to have a per account and per file/folder shortcut to pause/resume/stop the sync? Something that makes it more selective instead of pausing the sync app-wide?

I’d +1 this request. Here are my notes:

  • The Sync pullup is somewhat helpful, though it keeps popping around as the files drop and are added to the list. It does list the active files, but it could be better. Adding it to the regular feed helps (actually not sure why it’s not).
  • I’d really like to see progress in percentage or MB terms. When I add a large folder to the sync profile, I’d like to get a sense if it should be ready in 20 minutes or 2 days. Note that I can figure out the time based on size and throughput, but a bonus would be an estimated time to completion!! All in, I’d really like to have more info about the backlog - how big is it, and when will it be done. :slight_smile:
  • As the OP mentioned, I’d really like to see progress per account.
  • Additionally, I’d like to pause/resume per account. (maybe a new feature request)

Thank you guys for everything you’ve done for the last 12 years!

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Thank you so much for your insights and feedback, @Dan_Mattrazzo!! I have forwarded them to our Product Team as well :slight_smile: