"Loading your files, this may take a few moments" for hours

I install inSync and sign into my account, my account shows up in the UI and my license says valid. But the My Drive page just sits saying “Incyns is loading your files. This may take a few moments.” for hours at a time. It’s worth noting that there are no open network connections within the process besides to localhost.

Thoughts? Did someone change how online syncing works recently? Insync was working perfectly fine for me until the last week or two and now it won’t sync new files up or down.

Hi there, what Insync version are you on?

I have the exact same issue.
I am using on linux with three Gsuite Accounts.
It just says “insync is loading your files” for about a week now.

For you both @Jonathan_D and @EndlessDIY is this happening for all sections of the app?

Just put a completely clean disk drive into laptop, and loaded a fresh copy of Zorin Core 15 Lite. First act has been to download Insync - version - and selected my One Drive for Business account. Insync changed to the Files screen, and up pops the same message: Insync is loading your files. This may take a few moments.

Been like this for over an hour now. Nothing is downloading, and there is nothing else on the disk. All previous installations of Insyn on my other computers has been fast to get to the list of folders on OneDrive, so that I can select the ones to sync. We have not reached that point at all on this installation. Any thoughts, please?

Thank you


Hi @gstones,

Can you let me know if removing the account and re-adding it fixes the loading issue?

I can confirm that removing and re-adding the account fixes this problem (on Linux), but the problem is really annoying and should be fixed ASAP.

So far, there is no guarantee, that synchronization works well and moreover users can not reports this problem properly, because is not possible to find any relevant data in the logs!!! Insync3 still does not produce highly stable behavior during synchronization. So how can we trust that our data are safe??? The only secure solution is independent backup of data stored on cloud driver.

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I’m having the same issue on a new install of Garuda Linux with v3.4.2.40983 of Insync. Tried removing and re-adding the account and it made no difference. It’s a Onedrive folder that I’m trying to sync. So far the local folder hasn’t even been created so there appears to be nothing downloaded.

Hi @Nathan_Skene,

Could you let me know what happens instead if you quit then reinstall Insync? If it persists, please send your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com. This should be in ~/.config/Insync.

Hi, I’m essentially having the same problem, but only when I try to sync Google Drive “shared with me” folders. The message “Insync is loading your files” takes forever (no problem, though, to sync “My drive” folders). Insync under Ubuntu 21.10. It is strange because I have no problems at all with exactly the same Google and Insync accounts, and Insync and Ubuntu versions in another computer.

I’d appreciate any help.

Hello @SAUL! My apologies for the trouble. Could you let me know if this persists when you reinstall Insync 3.7.5? Rest assured that you need not start from scratch if you simply quit Insync and run the installer over the existing one (without deleting any of the program files).