Local Network / P2P Sync first, GDrive Download second

there are several threads mentioning this and one thread where @terpua actually calls it “actively being worked on” from 2015. I have some friends looking for a cloud solution for their business, that they can use from remote but is as performant as a local NAS.

Are there any news for locally syncing between multiple machines in the same network?

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Just for clarification, are you requesting something like Dropbox’s LAN sync?

Yes, but I don’t like Dropbox interface etc, so having an alternative would be great.

Hey @fealXX,

Thanks for reaching out! There may have been some delays in regard to this feature but this will definitely be part of Insync in the near future! We have a big update coming in soon and after that release, our team will be able to focus on adding features. :slight_smile: