"Locate my files on Insync" Option

Hi! I don’t know if this is already talked about. I really want an option where I can right-click a synced folder/file on my local disk and had an option to locate my files in Insync application. Rather than manually locate and drop-down folders in Insync which is a hassle especially when I have many folders synced in different locations. This is similar to the option View on Web where it locates my files on Gdrive website, but rather I want it to view/locate on Insync Windows.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

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Hey, @JamesXD! Thanks for the input and this sounds like a cool feature!

May I know why you’d still want to check them in your Insync app if it’s already downloaded in your local folders? What objectives did you have that made you want to have this feature?

We’ll bring this up to our team and see how we can integrate this in our app.

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For example, I have many folders on my cloud synced to different locations on my local disk. And whenever I wanted to unsync those files/folders (but want to remain in the cloud), rather than locating the files manually on Insync which is a hassle, and sometimes I forget the original location of that folder on the cloud. With this option, it will be very easy and convenient, and time-efficient when unsyncing such files/folders. Hope you get my point.

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Thanks for expounding! So will an Unsync button also satisfy the same objective if it’s among the options of the right-click menu when you click on your locally synced files? :slight_smile:
Right now, we only have View on web and Share.

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Yes, it does satisfy. But correct me if I am wrong, this “unsync” will be the same as the “sync” button where it only unsynced a folder at a time, not the files themselves nor multiple folders/files? Unlike using the Insync app where you can select multiple files to sync or unsync at once (but locating them manually by dropping down a lot of folders in the app is still a hassle).
It is still great to have that “unsync” button, but it will be even great if I can unsync multiple folders/files using the button. Or else having the “Locate my files on Insync” or “View on Insync” is still great.

its alright. thanks for the update

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@JamesXD - hey!! So sorry for not responding to this sooner.

Yes correct - the “unsync” shortcut would be the same as the “sync” button where it does it one item at a time, versus having a way to bulk select it via the Insync app :slight_smile:

Gotcha re: convenience of “locate my files” or “view on Insync”! I will forward this to our Product Manager as a feature request. :slight_smile: