Looking for early access users for our new app, Bobby!


We are excited to announce and give early access to our new app, Bobby!

What is Bobby? :thinking:
Bobby is a desktop app (Windows, Mac, Linux) that converts and backs up your cloud data to your local system (external drive, NAS, etc.). It helps preserve your cloud files in a universal format (pdf, docx, etc.) just in case shit happens!

In addition to Google Docs, we will be adding more services like Google Photos and Notion.

If you’re interested to be an early access user, sign up here. As a thank you, after the early access period, you will get 3 months of Bobby for free.

We hope you love the app as much as we do!


Is this an App that is more dedicated to Google Docs/Sheets conversion?
Insync does this process badly at present (due to bad formatting of File&Extension is broken and duplicates get created), to the point it creates chaos, well it used to until I gave up on it and my 50,000 extra files.
What is different about this App?

I like the idea of Google Drive conversion being very separate to Backup and Sync.
However it is super important that it does not perform in the same manor that insync does.

I am always happy to be contacted to demonstrate the issues with Insync in hopes that this allows this App to not have those issues.

hello. this app is focused on backup and initially on cloud2local backup. so the gdocs conversion is only 1-way (from cloud to your local system) and thus won’t re-convert back to the cloud.

hope this clarifies Bobby’s use case.

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