Lost folder structure in Drive, not on local machine


I have the following setup: a 2TB Google Drive account, which holds all of our project work - i.e. may folders and sub-folders. We then have engineers using Backup and Sync synchronizing with this account. There is a local copy of the account on a file server that InSync is responsible for synching - this runs on an application server which is different from the file server that maintains the local copy.

All was working great.

Then today, for admin reasons, I removed InSync from one of the users on the application server and installed it on another user. I used the same InSync login. I pointed InSync to exactly the same folder on the file server. As expected, after InSync had scanned for changes, it said that all was well. However, two hours later, I logged onto the application server again and saw that InSync was now trying to upload 160 000 files. So, I logged into the Google Drive account and now have thousands of files and folders in the root of the Google Drive account.

It currently appears as if the Backup and Sync is not downloading this mess to each user yet. This should hold as they only have permissions for a single folder in the root of the Drive account. But I now need to clean up the mess of files and folders in the root.

So it appears InSync has flattened the local copy of the files and is diligently uploading them.

Backup is paused.

What is up? And more importantly, how do I fix this calamity quickly?


Hi there, what’s your OS? :slight_smile:


Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1


Is there any news on this issue?



Sorry that I missed responding to this thread.

If you pointed the new Insync instance to the same folder using the same account (after you have disconnected the old app instance from that folder), it would queue/scan all the files and then only match them. Could you send to us the Insync’s log files from the old as well as the new setup to support@insynchq.com? Log files: logs.db and out.txt are located at %appdata%\Insync i.e. C:\Users\[Username] \AppData\Roaming\Insync.

Does the Google Drive web’s Activity pane suggest that the new files have been created by Insync?



I have sent the log files in. I will check the owner when I am back in the office.


The owner is not InSync, it is the account holder.