Lost my file, and there is no .insync-trash folder?

I was working on an ongoing excel file, which was last saved May 7 on Ubuntu.

I dual booted into Windows for a few weeks, which did not sync my Google Drive properly. Thus, I opened the excel file to work on it directly without online sync.

This morning, I booted back into Ubuntu, and had a file conflict. It asked me which file I want to keep. I picked the wrong one, and it reverted my file back to the May 7 version.

I can no longer find the updated file, so I’ve lost weeks of information on this. When I go to the help page, it tells me to look in Google Drive online trash, and I did not find my file there. It also says to look in the hidden .insync-trash folder, but it seems this folder does not exist on linux?

Can anyone help me find this file?


Hi @Ming,

Are you on Insync 3? If so, could you check your local system trash folder on both Windows and Linux? You may also check the version history on Google Drive.