Lots of files called ".directory"

I have lots of hidden files with the name “.directory” on my GDrive. Are these related to InSync? Also, does InSync create any files anywhere on the drive that I should be aware of and not delete?

I’m a “neat freak” on my drive so I would like to only keep what I need. :slight_smile:

Hi @cdysthe,

Insync should only sync files that are present within your Drive folders. When you do a local to cloud sync, it should also only upload files that you put in the Base Folder.

Those might be system files that were included during your initial sync-- any chance you selected a different Base Folder aside from the default that Insync suggests in the beginning?

I’m not using the base file suggested by InSync. I want the basefolder with another name. If what you say is correct, can I delete them now?

.Directory files are KDE config files https://www.lifewire.com/directory-file-2620665

Similar to desktop.ini files in windows, which are normally hidden locally. Hidden local files apparently get synced to gdrive by insync. Deleting them from gdrive will cause insync to delete them from your local machine which is probably not a great idea.

Better to add the files to the ignore list in insync’s options if you don’t want them in gdrive.

That explains it! I used KDE a year or so back on one of my machines. Those files has been stored and synced since then. I deleted them all since I am not using KDE anymore and everything works like it should. Thanks!