Mac RAM usage spiking when running Carbon Copy Cloner tasks

I’m experiencing a gradual memory leak with Insync, which I think might be related to a Carbon Copy Cloner task running — Insync’s RAM usage is fairly stable until the CCC task runs, which causes Insync to re-scan and it’s RAM usage to jump by ~1GB. Once scanning is finished the RAM usage remains and doesn’t reduce.

I’m not sure why this might be happening, as the CCC task is backing up the Macintosh HD, which isn’t the drive that Insync’s folder is on as I’ve got my user data on a different drive to the OS on Macintosh HD. The Insync app itself is installed on Macintosh HD, though I’m not sure this is relevant? The CCC backup runs twice a week (Monday & Thursday at 11.00AM)

Can someone take a look into what might be happening here? Can anyone recreate this issue? Happy to provide logs if it helps.

@CRM Hi! Could you send the logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? :slight_smile:

Thanks Mia, I’ve emailed!

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@CRM Hello! Thank you, confirming I’ve received it and awaiting access to be granted to the shared link you sent in our email thread.

Sorry about that, hadn’t checked access permissions on the shared link — you should have access now?

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No worries! Can confirm the access has been granted. Also sent an email to you!

Thanks very much @CRM :slight_smile:

Thanks Mia, fingers crossed the logs can shed some light on what’s happening!

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Thank you for your patience, @CRM!

I am not able to provide a timeline for the fix at the moment, but rest assured that I have this on my list of issues to follow up with the team. Thank you!

Thanks for your response Mia. At this point, without a timeline for a fix, I would really appreciate a refund.

Hi @CRM, I have reached out to you via email regarding this issue. Thank you!

Thanks you Mia, I appreciate your help

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