macOS Insync consuming all memory

I have woken up to find that my iMac has rebooted several times in the last few months, now I think I know why. Seems that Insync is exploding after eating all my memory. This morning there was a pop up that told me I was out of memory and programs needed to be closed, but none of the programs were consuming much. It wasn’t until I opened up the Activity Monitor that I could see that Insync was using 172.97 GB of memory!!!

I just went to include my log file and it’s 1.3 GB, that seems huge for a log, is that normal?

Here’s a link to the log.
[redacted for security]

Hi @dostler!

My deepest apologies for the trouble you’re facing. 172.97GB is not normal at all, nor the log files ballooning to 1.3GB.

Could you let me know if there is any ongoing sync job, particularly a large one, while Insync is running?

There is not anything that really stands out in my mind. I have been rendering some 3d images, not on this computer but they do sync to this computer. The files are exr files that are overwritten by the render every 300 seconds. That is the only thing I do that perhaps is not average.

I see. Thank you for walking me through your workflow @dostler. Let me forward this to our team as this memory consumption has been plaguing many of our users in the Mac community for a while.

@dostler By the way, I requested for access using Let me know if you’ve granted permission for that email to access your log files :slight_smile:

I just approved Permission granted.

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Thank you @dostler. I will circle back when I have more information. At the moment, users may experience some delays with their support tickets as our engineers are putting much of their resources into developing and releasing Encryption.

But, rest assured that I am working closely with them to follow up on your bug reports. Thank you!

@dostler by the way, just to follow up: is the logs.db file still 1.2GB today? If not, could you upload that in the cloud, then send a shared link to with the link to this post? That way, our engineers can refer to the (hopefully smaller and newer) second set of logs.db file aside from the 1.2GB copy for their investigation.

Thank you!

The log is now 1.3GB, I suppose you don’t want me to upload the now even bigger log.

@dostler I see! You can replace the 1.2GB you initially shared with me (I already accessed it) with the 1.3GB. I’ll let you know once I’ve accessed the new one so you can clear your cloud space afterwards. And then, please delete the logs.db from your computer after you quit Insync. Let me know afterwards if you observe the ballooning issue again.

Thank you!