MacOS - Memory usage regulary >20 gb slowing down computer


I’ve recently purchased this software. However, when using it on my Macbook Pro with the M3 pro with 18GB of ram, it regulary goes above 20gb of memory usage, and keeps increasing to above 40. This not only slows down the computer, but is degrading the NVME as it has to use a lot of swap space.
I have gone on this forum and can now see this is a problem that has been present for over 2 years. Do you intend to fix this problem soon? If not, can I get a refund for this product? I do not consider this problem something that is appropriate in a paid product.


Hi @Rob_euk,

Could you please email with the following:

  • receipt of your purchase
  • email address used on Insync
  • link to this Forums post

Thank you!

Hi, similar to Rob_euk, I’ve recently purchased Insync and found the same memory leak issue. It’s slow to become an issue, which is why I presume I didn’t spot it when using the 7 day trial. Can I assume from your reply to Rob_euk that there isn’t a confirmed timeline/plan for addressing this issue? If not, I too would appreciate a refund.