Major bug syncing to custom location—folders deleted on Drive


What I wanted to do: use InSync to sync folders on my Mac to folders on Drive. These folders were already in sync (I previously used a different sync app) and I only needed InSync to make the link, and then keep them in sync going forward.
What happened: At first, InSync did a lot of processing and what looked like uploading/downloading, and in some cases duplicated the folders on Drive. I removed the duplicates and then switched some more folders to custom sync and left my Mac on overnight, only to realize when I tried to access my files on Drive from another device that all of the custom synced folders had been deleted from Drive.

Luckily, I was able to recover these folders via the Drive web interface, but not before having a low key heart attack. I contacted tech support who confirmed that this is a known bug, but without suggestions on solutions.

So basically, what do I do? I’ve turned off InSync since then and am scared to run it again until this bug is confirmed to be fixed. It’s pretty disturbing that this issue is not mentioned in any help articles, and there isn’t a warning anywhere. If I hadn’t noticed the missing folders before Google’s server emptied my trash, I’d have lost a ton of data.


Hi @bellsbells,

I just wanted to clarify something, is this error happening on My Drive, Shared With Me, or Team Drives?


It’s happening on My Drive.