Make a 64-bit download of Insync available for Windows

Is there perhaps going to be a a 64-bit version of Insync available for Windows? – There seems to be significant advantages to the memory management of 64-bit applications on Windows systems, especially with repetitive functions such as hashing that a client application would do, such as Insync. It may lead to improved performance on Windows OS machines.


Thanks for this @IsaacD, I will tag our engineers so they can give input about implementing this @dipesh @marte

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Hello @IsaacD

Yes, 64 bit version on 64 bit machines is expected to perform better. We will look into porting it to 64 bit arch and see if the 3rd party libraries/tools that Insync relies on support 64 bit architecture as well. However, it is not a priority at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback

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Just curious if there is any movement on this?


Same here waiting for a 64bit application


64bit yes please we want it


any updates on this? we need 64bit please

Hi all,

64-bit support is not yet in our pipeline as we are focused to squish some long-standing bugs in Insync 3. Let me know if there are any issues on your current Windows setup.