Make number of upload threads configurable

I have the following situation: 15 GB of files, lots of them over 20 MB and a very slow (less than 1Mbps) upload bandwith
I try to sync to OneDrive

I observe the following: Insync starts 12 upload threads and every few seconds one of the upload bars goes up by 512KB.
So with files over 20 MB this obviously takes a long time.
Large files often upload about 10 MB and then abort (with an error that looks like a timeout error to me; I also created a thread about the exact error here: Error: "The cloud is temporarily unavailable or under maintenance" when uploading large files ).

I assume this happens because the upload bandwith is split up among the 12 threads - if one upload thread had all the bandwith to itself it surely would be able to upload large files.

So my feature request is to be able to set the number of upload threads the program uses.

Thank you so much for your insight, @ctonic! Let me bring this up with our engineers so we can check how to further improve the sync performance, especially if handling a big sync job.

I see the same issue a lot. It is running way too many upload threads and as a result fails on large files a lot. Adding a configurable limit really should not be a big deal.

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thanks for the update!

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Dear Mia,

This is probably one of the lowest hanging fruits for making InSync better. Not all of us (including me) are running on completely symmetrical lines, and everything is strained when someone drops a folder with a lot of files with a relatively limited upload bandwidth.

Opening a lot of connections add a lot of per packet overhead and when the bandwidth is limited, this overhead becomes non-trivial.

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That makes sense, and valid points raised @bayindirh! I have forwarded this to our Product Manager for review and consideration. :slight_smile:

Hello Mia! Almost 1 year since last update, but this is really a must need feature in Insynchq.

When in a slow wireless connection specially in airports or other public connections it is almost impossible to sync files (when there are many pending sync). Sometimes I got disconnected and blocked for a couple of minutes due to “excess of use” or “suspicious attack event”.

I would say that not only the number of upload threads must be configurable, but download threads too.

thanks in advance!

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Thank you for bumping this feature request thread, @adamitj! Our feature requests are lined up depending on how many requests we get across our communication channels (i.e., surveys, emails, chat, etc).

Regardless, I will be adding this as a +1. :slight_smile: