Manual Nautilus Plugin Install



Thanks again for a great product.

I just setup insync on a new computer and when it offered to install the Nautilus plugin it asked for a sudo password. My account was not in suoders so this obviously failed.

Is there a manual process for installing the plugin as root?




@Cameron_Just You can get the Nautilus plugin from under Packages in the Linux section. Or install insync-nautilus through your package manager.


Perfect! Thank you very much. All working now.


Not there any more! 2 days ago insync dropped most of my google drive, and I need to re-upload all my backups, but nautilus has no insync menu choices even though it shows synced folder alternative icons.


Hi David, so sorry for this, can you let us know your OS? cc @miamoran @nikki


Nautilus in the LINUX file manager that comes with Ubuntu! The plugin does not give any controls in the latest invocation, which I have shared in detail with Nikki by email. I cannot turn off sync on a folder or file with it, and the app is not much better!


I did find the plugin in the weird download gui and installed it several times now as I have had to uninstall, purge and reinstall insync since it has no update or delete file or folder inclusion.


Will let you continue your conversation with Nikki via support@ so as to better discuss your issue. Thanks.