Markdown file will be moved to trash after modifying by Typora editor

When I modify and save a markdown file(*.md) by Typora, the file will always be moved to trash.
I guess the file was moved to somewhere temporarily for markdown preview mechanism and then put back in a very short period. For Google Drive, moving/renaming file means to remove the file and then add back as a brand new file(so stupid right?). I believe InSync follows the same behavior. The issue is the file was removed as expectation but wasn’t added back when editor puts back the file. Even if I save the file again and again, InSync isn’t aware of adding the file back to Google Drive until I quit and relaunch InSync manually.

This issue doesn’t occur in previous version of InSync and Google Backup & Sync.
Please help to fix this critical issue.
I can’t continue using InSync until this issue is fixed.
P.S. this may occurs with other editor with similar behavior.


Will be responding to you via email, thanks!