Maximum Number of Supported Files?

I signed up for the trial because I want to use exclusions and symlinks.

However, I’m finding the application is just frozen at “Scanning for changes”. I suspect this is because of the number of files I have.

I tried looking on your website for this, but the website has next to nothing on it for actual product information and just marketing slides… So, I have to ask here before I spend too much time with the trial, what’s the maximum number of files you guys support through your front end?

Edit: No response yet. It has been 24 hours, and it still is counting files - All my files were already presynced, and I think it has only counted 100k so far but it is hard to tell with the limited interface. At this rate, I’d give this a limit of maybe 200k files so I’m going to go ahead and uninstall it.

Hi there, it might just take a while to do this especially with a larger number of files. If this doesn’t improve in the next 24 hours, might be best to send your logs and the link to this post to

Hi Janine

I was hoping for a more specific answer. I have about 3 million files synced through Google Drive.

Its been 48hours and InSync seems to be still counting files.

What is the maximum number of files you’ve tested and support? Do you know how long this process takes on average with a specific number of files?

This way we can estimate how many days or weeks it will take for the program to compete. Thank you in advance, I much prefer specifics.

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I’m coming here years later looking for the same info, now using Insync (I’ve already sent in my logs a few days ago (before a weekend though).)

I’m starting to suspect my number of files will be a problem. I’ve been adding in folders piecewise, and struggling to get 120,000 files uploaded (and the Insync process is already using about 14GB RAM). The total number I hope to get uploaded is around 6,500,000. Is this going to be totally impossible?

Hi @CNG,

There is no maximum number of files you can sync, for as long as both your Drive and computer have the storage for it.

When you said you’re adding folders piecewise, are you doing it via the local folder so that it gets uploaded to Google Drive? Furthermore, can you see a “Syncing…” at the bottom of your app window that lists down the files currently being processed, or does it only say “Pause Syncing”?

Lastly, did you migrate from 1.5.7 to 3.0.27, or was this a fresh install?