Memory usage on the high?

Hi, I just installed Insync on a latest Manjaro KDE. Everything went very smooth but memory usage at 230MB seems very high. Is that really necessary? Can I limit it somehow?

@mbacou Was Insync syncing a lot of files when you took the screenshot? That could contribute to the high memory usage.

Hi, no I believe it was idle. Right now it’s showing at 114MB. I suppose that’s acceptable. The background Dropbox service is at 69MB, quite a bit lower though.

@mbacou I see. We’re looking into ways to reduce our memory usage but we haven’t determined the cause yet.

I have the sane problem … with a high amount of memory.

My system: Ubuntu 14.04.3

@Albert1t0: Does Insync use the same amount of memory even if you restart it?

No. It starts low … less than 100MB the start to grow … to grow … to grow … personal record 7.2 GB and then go offline (i not confirm this last behaivor). In the past works well, i don’t remenber the last version i use without errors. Is there some place to access the old versiones??

I delete the old config folder and start sync all my data again … it seems works well.
It’s a lot of files to sync …

@Albert1t0: I see. For old versions you can try looking at the topics under the “Releases” tag:

@Ipugoy : I still see this issue with . I have ~500 Gb to sync, but not sure why memory would continually increase especially there look like there are only 2 worker threads… My memory footprint is now 6Gb! After a file (even a large one) has been sync’d it should release this memory. Is the REST stream being cleanly terminated? Are the python file streams bracketed inside a with clause instead of opening/closing improperly?

In either case 6Gb is unacceptable.

@Jason_Ramapuram: Apologies for the trouble. I agree that 6 GB is excessive. We haven’t tracked the cause of this issue yet unfortunately. Does it still stay at 6 GB if you restart the Insync process?

@lpugoy: Yes, it did get lower. However, I don’t think restarting every time I have a new large set of files is an appropriate solution.

I have the same problem with Ubuntu Mate 16.04, with only one account and idle state uses near from 200mb when I was using Ubuntu 14.04 the usage was about 100 or 110 mb.


my insync version is 1.3.17, ubuntu is 16.04.
recently, my insync eats more and more memory, and i must shutdown it to continuously use my computer… please fix it asap.

Hi, I just installed Insync in my Mac with Catalina. The memory usage has reached 11GB. The reason why I want to left OneDrive Client is precisely because it consumes too much memory when it is syncing. But your tool is consuming even more. Please tell me there is something I can do to limit the memory consumption. And please don’t tell me that’s because I have too many files.

I just want some tool that can sync my projects either in OneDrive or Google Drive, that allows me to ignore name patterns and doesn’t consume too much memory please. Can I have the three ways?

Thanks in advance.

And now that I had to quit the application, I can’t open it again. Please help.

Hi Rodrigo, are you on 3.0.23 already? Can you try upgrading and let me know if that works?

I can confirm that on OS X Catalina and Insync v3.0.23.40579 that I am experiencing high memory usage. Restarting the Insync app seems to help temporarily but then the memory continues to creep up over time.

Currently the client is using 3.4GB while idling (no changes in files being synced for several hours).

Same here, on MacOS Catalina.
2.84 GB while idling.

Just noticed that mine went all the way up to ~7GB while sitting idle over night.