Mint Vera repo missing

I installed Mint 21.1 (Vera) and added the insync repo but it seems to be is missing. I added the repo URL to my apt config per your documentation, and I’m getting a 404.
When I try to update my apt repos, I get the following error:
Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]

My apt list file has the following info:
deb vera non-free contrib

@hydrian Hey! We’ll escalate this to our engineers. For now, could you let me know if the Vanessa build runs on your machine?

@mia Using the vanessa repos, insync with caja integration was able to install via deb repo properly.

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I have the same problem

The same effect, which breaks ansible playbooks

I’ll escalate this to our Linux engineer. Thank you all for reporting this bug!

Thank you @mia
Can we also ask, why Insync is messing with apt sources?
First, it ignores existing entries.
Then it adds its own broken entry ignoring older entries?
This makes all ansible playbooks broken, or, in the best case scenario, correcting these in a neverending loop.

Hi @hydrian

Our Linux Mint 21.1 repo is now up,
Using the following deb vera non-free contrib should no longer return an error

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Hi @Marcin_Bojko

Could you send us a minimal sample of your Ansible playbook so that we can replicate your issue and perhaps improve our script to be more compatible with your use case?