Missing files in ArchLinux

Hello. My trial period ended two days ago and today I wanted to check if everything were ok. I can’t find files on the computer: the Insync folder looks empty, I can’t find any trash folder and, above all, I can’t understand if every file were uploaded or not and I don’t think is a good idea to buy a licence right now since I’m afraid that could make file disappear on Google Drive, too.
Do you know what is going on?

@pol5xc: Please check if there’s a folder named .insync-trash in your Insync folder, the files might be moved there. To determine the cause please send your logs to support@insynchq.com for investigation: How to find the log files.

I sent the logs.db file to the support e-mail address. In the meantime I have no .isync-trash folder anywhere, no hidden files. I also checked on file manager when on root and nothing appears. This is very strange.

My Google drive has lots of files but I don’t know if sync was complete or not.