Missing Files - Rename and Save

Using Windows.
Some files do not get caught by insync, and do not sync to Google drive.
They do not get the green circle, they do not show up in the drive web client.

Recreation steps
When I save a file in blender, it is set to auto backup. (Blender is a free 3D package)
It renames the old version from .blend to .blend1, then saves the new .blend file.

Insync catches the .blend to .blend1, but then misses the save to the new .blend
In Explorer the
.blend1 has a green checkmark
.blend does not have the green checkmark

Also it seems to miss deleting the old .blend1 files, they keep piling up in drive.

@Matt_S Can you send your logs.db and out.txt to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post? Have you experienced this in a 1.x build or is this the first time you’re setting up Insync?

I’ve sent logs and heard nothing.
Is the syncing function going to be fixed?

A syncing client that literally “doesn’t sync” isn’t very useful.

What is the best way to file a bug report so it gets looked at?
As it is, insync consistently and reliably doesn’t sync files, and fills google drive with old files. This is really basic functionality.

I’m willing to help by providing details on how this happens, but someone should look into it.

HI @Matt_S

Thanks so much for waiting patiently! I’ve responded to your email and included your case in the report I sent to our engineers. :slight_smile: