Missing finder icon integration on Mac. V1.5.1 on Mojave


The status-indicating-icon on finder is now missing. I have checked the extension menu on system preference. And I also reinstalled Insync once. The icon stays missing.

I also noticed the finder icon extension of OneDrive is gone too, so it is maybe related to system upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave.

And I do not know if I am the only one here, because I cannot find anything talking about this problem.


Hi @Kuangye_Chen,

This is a known issue that our Mac team is currently working on. We’ll make sure to update affected users as soon as the fix has been deployed. In the mean time, please relaunch Finder so that the badges show up again. Let me know how it goes.


I forgot to do some followup here.
This issue now effects all apps with finder extension (dropbox, onedrive, google’s backup&sync). You can relaunch Finder to see extensions. Also changes of extensions setting (enable or disable) need relaunching to take effect.
I think this is a issue with MacOS not the apps.:joy:
Actually I roll back to High Sierra because of some develop environment problems.