Missing sharepoint

Hello everyone, I just bought a new insync license for my school Office 365 license, to access to the sharepoints of some classes but I cant find any of them, there are a lot of them but even if it is called “2020-A-GR2-Aplicaciones-Moviles” it is not on the head of the list like another sharepoints that have similar names (but that i am not in that classes). What can i do?
I added an image to show the head of the list of sharepoints that i can see.

Hi @andr3slelouch! Is this missing SharePoint a part of a SharePoint Private site?

Thanks for your response, and yes it is private, is there any problem with it?

Hi @andr3slelouch,

We currently support SharePoint Online and not private sites yet. I will raise this with our team accordingly.

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All right, thank you for the response.

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