Mount Google Drive folder on Linux via fuse and sync on demand

ExpanDrive implement on-demand sync for Google Drive on Linux, that mounts gdrive folder as fuse to any local folder, so all Google Drive files becomes available instantly without downloading.

Will be good to have same feature in Insync Linux version! Can you investigate, how this implemented in ExpanDrive, and how hard to implement same feature in Insync?

I don’t think that’s quite true. As far as I know the Google Drive API only supports whole-file transfers, so although you don’t have to have a local copy of everything as with Insync, opening a large file is far from instantaneous. GD is not a remote filesystem, even though FUSE tries to disguise that.

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But why we can’t do copy on demand, only when user request needed file? How implement this feature? Also is opensource example of this implementation - can you lookup code? In KIO_GDrive missing feature is only permanent local caching of files.

Other examples:

Why paid Insync service can’t implement same feature?