Move Insync's DB location


Is it possible to change the location of the database that Insync uses? I want to have one drive dedicated to all cloud related tasks. I want to have Insync stop killing my OS drive and let it attack my drive reserved for all Insync tasks.

Insync is constantly trying to access \AppData\Roaming\Insync\dbs\gd2-114612830563836378152.db and I REALLY want to move that to my NON OS drive. Is it possible?


If it’s just storage space you’re concerned about, you can probably use a symbolic link to resolve this.

Move the dbs folder to wherever you like, then run the command
mklink /d "%AppData%\Insync\dbs" "<where-your-dbs-folder-actually-is>"


Great idea! I just did that with Google Drive File Stream right after posting my question.

Superuser post I made with instructions