Moved files within synced folder -> Insync deletes and re-uploads files in Drive

I moved a bunch of folders with files within my local synced folder, but Insync seems to think I deleted them and created new folders containing new files.

So now Insync has deleted the folders on my Drive and is busy reuploading all of the files to the new folders.

Insync is supposed to notice that the files have been moved, right?

Hi @fr_nk,

Can you let me know if these new folders with new files were the same ones you moved? Did your Activity Feed log any deletion and newly added files in the Drive?

You may respond to with the link to this post. Please include your logs.db, out.txt, data folder, and live folder, as well as screenshots of the Activity (both on the app and Google Drive) showing the deletions and additions.

Thank you!