Moving database location / reducing db size?


The insync db file has gotten larger than 1 GB. My ssd drive has limited space, and I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the file size or if I could move it somehow to another drive?


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@venpopov: What OS are you using?


I am using Windows 10.



You can move the dbs folder to another location with the help of a symlink:

  1. Quit Insync
  2. move the “dbs” folder from “%appdata%\Insync\dbs” to say “D:\Insync\dbs”
  3. Open command prompt as an administrator
  4. Run the following command: MKLINK /D “%appdata%\dbs” “D:\Insync\dbs”
  5. Start Insync



@dipesh, can you add some info how to reduce db size?

➜ ~ du -hs ~/.config/Insync ~/insync/
4.2G /home/nefelim4ag/.config/Insync
2.0G /home/nefelim4ag/insync/

➜ ~ insync get_account_information
Total: 17.0 GB
Drive: 2.2 GB (13.14%)
Others: 501.4 MB (2.88%)
Trash: 0.0 bytes (0.00%)
Remaining: 14.3 GB (83.98%)
Folder location: /home/nefelim4ag/insync
License: Prime
Export option: link

Thats really big db