Moving files in explorer (nemo) deletes files and reuploads them

I often manage my drive via nemo, on linux mint. However I have realised, that it deletes the file in drive and reuploads the files.

Is it possible to just move them in drive to save my having to fill up my bin and costing me allot of bandwidth. Often the folders are a few terabytes each.

Hello! Let me check that out for you. Could you send the following to please:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • example of directory/file that you moved which got deleted + reuploaded

The first 2 files are in ~/.config/Insync. As a follow-up question: did those affected directories exist inside that synced folder even before you used Insync?

Thanks Mia

To give more information. I have 1064 files located in the folder: /mnt/nas/Pictures/ I created a new folder called Sorting and moved these files into that. All 1064 of these files were then found in my bin in goolge drive here: rather than simply moving them.

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Hello! I responded to your email about this as well, @Jamie_Hutber! Let’s continue our correspondence there so I can efficiently address the bugs you’ve reported.

Thank you!