Moving insing folder location does.... nothing

Im trying to move my original ~/ to another locatoin like ~/mntPointToOderDisk/

I’m following the instructions of

When I press apply it said “Movin…” but nothing happends in my systems

Also I can see nothing in the logs.

Attached the screen shoot

Additional Info:
system: Kubuntu Linux 15.04
Insync Version: updated to still moving…

@Manuel_Quinteiro Please send your logs to How to find the log files. You can compress them before sending to save space.

I did, but I look files before and after and nothing change.

That I want to do is move to another disk unit. Can I use this workaround?

  1. Stop insync
  2. move folder to the new unit
  3. create a link to the new in the old location.
  4. Restart insync.

Could it work? or can I have problems?
Edit: I did it with out problems.

Thanks in advance

Running as --no-daemon I can see
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 810, in __bootstrap_inner
File “”, line 763, in run
File “ideskui/”, line 251, in move_path
File “isyncd/linux/”, line 24, in copy_to_dest
NameError: global name ‘shutil’ is not defined

same problem here using Ubuntu 15.04 and 1.2.10

@Grange_Beach Could you run insync start --no-daemon as well to check if there are errors?