Multi-Thread Upload/Downlaod


Is the May release that release?


@marte can I already change the environment variable to enable multi-threaded upload?
I’m on linux on version 1.3.10


Not yet available for 1.3, it’s coming out for 2.0 :slight_smile:


Whenabouts can we expect 2.0? My trial version is about to expire and despite my gigabit connection I’ve yet to complete a full sync within the trial period. (I have fair amount of data.) I’m happy to buy a license once InSync supports more threads, but apparently that license won’t cover 2.0 versions. :stuck_out_tongue:



This is really getting kind of sad for a piece of commercial software. We live in the days of hundreds of thousands of files and muli-hundred Mb/sec internet connections - and your software is seemingly optimized for transmitting a few hundred punch cards at a time. This is clearly not a major issue - someone has hacked a fix themselves for Windows. It’s present in just about (if not every) other synchronization / backup product I know of: Backblaze, Crashplan, Transmit and others. Your value proposition is that you can talk to multiple Google accounts - which is why I bought it. But that’s pretty much neutralized by the fact that you can’t talk well to even one account.

Decide if this is a hobby or a business and listen to your customers. What they say is important is what’s important - not what you think is cool.

I certainly can’t recommend this to anyone until this simple problem is fixed - almost two years after just this thread started.


@fnkr Many thanks, I made the change you suggested and it seems faster now. Still not as fast as I would like… and I have a Gigabit Internet connection :frowning:


How is the “multi threads” going? It’s extreme slow when uploading lots of small files.


Soooo… any word on this? I have just left my laptop on for 5 days straight to do the initial sync. Any support would be hugely appreciated. Anything we can do to speed this development up?


Any news on this front? I’m currently downloading a project folder with more than 20,000 small files, and it’s barely doing 1-2 files per second…


Would love this feature as well, I have a huge project also containing ~35k files, combined total under 500mb and its taken two days now just to half that number doing just two files at a time. I’m running on Windows and don’t have the compiling knowledge to change anything myself :frowning: . The lack of this feature is having me question continuing beyond my trial.


+1 for this feature!

Thank you!


+1 for this feature. This is needed badly!!


Given that Insync still sometimes encounters rate limit issues, I don’t think they’ll really consider giving users the freedom to set multi-threaded upload / download any time soon.
See the linked posts below.


+1 really want this feature.


How about at least spawning a separate thread for Team Drives, so that I can dedicate a CPU to this process? Right now, several of my clients most of the time just see “Scanning for changes…” under Progress.