Rate Limit Exceeded

I’m using insync to upload a bunch of files (duh) and now I’m constantly getting errors that can’t be resolved by retrying them. The message simply says “Rate Limit Exceeded”. I’m unaware of any bandwith limitations Google may be enforcing.

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Yeah same here - this is happening since the 1.3.6 upgrade - any ideas?

Same problem here, using Linux Mint…

I’ve been having the same issue on windows PC and my Mac. When I click retry it usually goes through, but I shouldn’t have to do that.

I’ve got four files throwing up this error too - although it’s been the same files with different errors the last few days.

Same here, just this morning after the update on OS X. Several hundred files, all smaller jpg sort of things (<10mb), but not larger files so far, like raw image (cr2, >20mb) or .mov files. I’ve only got a 50/5mb home internet connection (5mb upload) so I doubt that’s breaking any speed limits.

Me too. Several files that can’t be restarted listed as “Rate Limit Exceeded” -

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So now it’s CR2/raw files about 24mb as well. They restart or get thrown back in line, but I’m not sure they ever will finish. Still have about 8,000 to and the bigger files are still going so we’ll see…

I’ve had the same issue on Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon since the 1.3.6 upgrade.

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 - problem started with 1.3.5 and still exists after upgrading to 1.3.6. These are large files. It’s seems weirdly random which files “exceed rate limit” as some are being synced fine and others within the same folder are not.

Same problem,
Windows 10, Insync 1.3.6

Same problem since update to 1.3.6…using Linux Mint 17.3


Is Insync implementing rate limit so we have to pay past the limit?

cc @marte @dipesh @jimperio @lpugoy

We’re not sure why we’re hitting the rate limits of Google Drive API usage because according to our console, we still have more than enough. But the errors are decreasing now and should be gone soon. Sorry for the disruption.

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I’ve continued to send a few thousand files overnight and didn’t get any rate limit errors, so, it seems solved on my end. Thanks for the update @jaduenas.

It seems to be working again for me as well. Seems to have repaired files that previously had errors. Thanks.

Hi. I am getting this error too.

This error is showing up again today. In the past few weeks I’ve had thousands of files not sync due to it. Any ETA on fix?

+1 big issue for me too. Please provide a fix / workaround.