Multiple files with the same name not syncing

Hello everybody. I have a synchronization problem, let me explain. I send two (or more) files with the same name, having the same size at the same time to Google Drive. I need Insync to detect the 2 files (or more) but each time it only automatically syncs 1 file. I have to synchronize “manually” by going to the Insync interface so that it synchronizes other files with the same name. How to resolve this bug?
Is it because the files have the same name and size that Insync chooses to only synchronize a single file?
Thank you for your help !

Hi @Clement,

It’s possible that Insync is only detecting the file that might have the latest timestamp. But in any case, please send the following to with the link to this post:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • name of the file that doesn’t sync

Here are the instructions on how to find + send your logs:

Thank you!

For other users experiencing the issue:

  • We are checking the sync behavior when Insync detects two or more files with the same name
  • The user has already sent us the log files and we are investigating the issue reported