My folders/files are being deleted

I am trying to exclude some files/folders to sync. When I uncheck them from my drive they are deleted from source folder and Google drive folder. This option should only delete folder/files from Google Drive folder. Very annoying feature in the software and it MUST be fixed asap. This is filling my google drive space rapidly.

@moazam That is not the way selective sync is supposed to work. Can you create at folder called “Test” on Google Drive and then sync that to your computer. After, can you selectively unsync it and tell me what happens?

Please send your logs after this experiment so we can see what happened:


@terpua I created a Test folder and unchecked that folder from the software. The folder was removed from my Google driver folder.

This case is different than what you asked me to do. I have sent log file and screenshots. I hope someone will get back to me soon.

It sounds like I didn’t understand your issue and my apologies :frowning:

Was your issue that when you unselectively sync, said folder was removed from Google Drive web and your computer?

@terpua Now folders don’t get removed from source folder and Google drive folder (both are in my computer) but files are still syncing to folders. I have highlighted that in screenshots. I have emailed log and screenshot files to @dipesh.

The way selective sync works is that when you unselect a folder, that folder will disappear on your computer but remain in your Google Drive on the web.

Is this how Insync is working?

Yes, it was working like that before but not any more. When I uncheck folders they are still syncing and present on both locations. Is there anyway, I can EXCLUDE folders so they don’t sync at all? Like, I have 20 GB crap data that I don’t want to upload on Google drive and only want it on my computer.

It’s just my opinion but thinking that you added opposite functionality in selective sync :smile:

Excluding file and folders is coming in our Ignore List feature.

RE: selective sync being broken – are the folders you are unchecking contain many files?

Great. How long do we have to wait for this feature?

Sorry, no ETA but it will come as part of 1.2.x.