Need to Programatically Detect If Insync Needs User Intervention



FYI, I’m running Insync on Windows 7 Pro x64.

We have a need to programmatically detect if Insync needs user intervention. Specifically, we need to detect these two cases where user intervention is needed: 1) A sync error (Red Badge?), and 2) Incoming shares (Blue Badge with avatar?).

I’ve tried detecting these states using the Insync command line interface (CLI):

However, the CLI seems to be inoperative. For example, when I run this command:

Insync -get_status 

nothing happens. No error, no status, no message whatsoever (see the uploaded screen capture):

How do you recommend I programmatically determine if Insync needs user intervention (an error of some type or an incoming share, etc)?


Jeff Salisbury


CLI is only available on Linux.

I wrote a simple Windows CLI tool that can detect Insync status based on its system tray icon:


Hey @Jeff_Salisbury!

Tagging our engineer @Rajat for assistance. :slight_smile:

Amazing job on the Windows CLI tool, @Hawk! :star_struck: What drove you to create it and how does it fit into your workflow?


I mostly use it in my computer’s shut down script to avoid accidentally shutting down the computer before all changes in the Insync folder are synced. Otherwise, work done on one computer may not be accessible on another computer (at a different location).

This actually happened to me a couple of times before, slowing my work progress. It’s not specific to Insync. Any cloud sync clients can have this issue. One actual incidence happened when I was using Dropbox.


That’s interesting! It really does make sense to make sure your files are done syncing before shutting the computer down. I’ll be sure to let our team know about this use case. Thanks for the awesome feedback, @Hawk! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, Hawk, for sharing your work!

This solves an important problem for us! We have Insync installed on our small server machine that is usually unattended. We need to know if Insync requires user intervention to complete a sync. For example, is there an incoming file? Is there a sync error that requires manual intervention. Sometimes we’ve gone many days without realizing there’s a problem. In the meantime, our local and remote users aren’t aware that there’s an incomplete sync.

We’ve incorporated your tool, Hawk, into a customized script to kick out an email alert whenever Insync needs user intervention.

It’s our hope that Insync will soon implement this email alert feature as a native capability.


Hey @Jeff_Salisbury!

We’ve taken note of @Hawk’s awesome tool and it’s great how you were able to use it to create a customized script for email notifications. We’ll definitely take a look at this moving forward. Thanks so much for the feedback! :slight_smile: