New Error 400...Please Help

Running Ubuntu 18.04

This morning I was updating a few files and received the following error…

I have to screenshot it because it won’t allow to post it due to it having a lot of links.

How can this be rectified?? I am working between a few computers for a work project and really need my files to sync without issues.

EDIT: So it looks like changes sync to Drive from the desktop, but DO NOT sync to the desktop from Drive, which nullifies backup. This definitely is cause for concern.

Same is on Win 10 x64 with the latest Insync version

Same here. Debian 10.9 Buster with Gnome 3.30.2

Hey all @wpwend @RAC @cioma!!

We’ve been getting this error as well from other users and upon checking, it’s possible that the issue is on Google’s end. It’s related to enabling Docs Conversion (I’ve experienced it myself).

We’re monitoring the issue for now and investigating further. If you haven’t, please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post so we can do some more digging :slight_smile:

Strangely enough for me this problem disappeared today.
But I suspect it might come back unexpectedly :slight_smile:

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Hi @cioma :slight_smile: Our engineers advised us that the issue also seems to be fixed after they ran further tests. Please don’t hesitate to post here or shoot us an email at if it comes back!

Thank you for your efforts, let’s see how it goes.

Yep looks fixed after rebooting the app.