New Headless version: 3.1.6

Release notes:

  • Linux: Enable Dropbox (dx) option in cli
  • Linux: Add option to move base folder in selective sync menu

Debian Buster and later
Debian Stretch
Debian Jessie
Ubuntu 20.04 and later
Ubuntu 18.04 and below
Fedora 31 and later
Fedora 30
Fedora 29
Fedora 28
Fedora 27

I just installed this update on my Debian 10 64bit machine and insync-headless would no longer start, so I’ve had to roll back to 3.1.5.

Hi @map7,

Were there any errors when you tried launching this version?

No errors where displayed, is there a debug mode or a log file which I could send you?

Yes please! If possible, could you re-try 3.1.6, and if it doesn’t start, please run insync-headless start --no-daemon then send me the output.

Then please send me the logs.db and out.txt files which are in ~/.config/Insync-headless. Thank you!

Ok once I removed one of my email accounts it started working, so I think this is more related to a bug/issue with one of my accounts than 3.1.6. I’ll continue discussing this over here;

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Where do I send the output and my logs as they have sensitive information?

Hi! You can send them to :slight_smile: