New Headless version: 3.2.7

Release notes:

  • Update in-app links to use new subdomains
  • Enable ‘Locate’ and Unsync options for empty base folder
  • Fix conflict prompt reupload option not working
  • Create separate prompt for local modification and unsync conflict case
  • Update in-app links / endpoints to use the new subdomains
  • Improve syncing reliability after insufficient space error prompts are addressed
  • Optimize per-file local to cloud syncing operations
  • Handle the error triggered when the parent folder of a locally-added file that is currently syncing is deleted in the cloud
  • Optimize error handling in some scenarios wherein a folder is recently deleted in the cloud
  • Error-handling improvements: local to cloud syncing of a new file whose parent directory has been deleted in the cloud
  • Fix reliability of some scenarios concerning files that get implicitly trashed in the cloud due to the explicit trashing of its parent
  • Improve error handling when syncing deletes from cloud to local
  • Optimize handling when an ignored file is modified locally
  • Improve reliability when syncing cloud changes to local Google Files
  • Dropbox: Improve error handling in some conflicts resolution scenarios
  • Improve error handling of some scenarios in which a currently syncing directory is deleted in the cloud
  • Ignore local files prefixed with .~ on Dropbox
  • Improvements to local-to-cloud file-matching of partially-synced folders

Debian Buster and later
Debian Stretch
Debian Jessie
Ubuntu 20.04 and later
Ubuntu 18.04 and below
Fedora 31 and later
Fedora 30
Fedora 29
Fedora 28
Fedora 27