New Installation + Existent OneDrive Folder

Hi All!

I’ve just bought Insync to use, mainly the ignored folders option (node_modules and stuff like this). Here’s what I’ve done:

Closed Onedrive’s MS Client and disable auto startup;
Installed InSync and linked to my OneDrive Account;
Chose the already existed Sync Folder;

But inSync doesn’t sync anything. No Network Activity, no CPU usage, no disk access, the process stays idle all the time. When I try to ‘force’ some syncing inside InSync options, a Assertion Error appears and I have to restart the app.

Inside Insync app I can browse my files but activate or deactivate sync doesn’t do anything.
I’ve tried to change anything inside OneDrive Folders - add, rename, delete some files. InSync’s log reacts to action, but the change won’t go to the cloud.

Thanks in advance!

I’m using latest version

Hi @danielcabral,

So sorry for not responding sooner. Do you mind sharing if this behavior (local to cloud not syncing) persists after you upgraded to 3.1.8? Furthermore, is the OneDrive folder you are making changes to also the same Base Folder location in your Insync app settings?

Hi @miamoran!

I’ve noted I can’t reuse my actual OneDrive folder…this is the expected behavior? I had to delete everything and re-download using InSync.