New Insync folder with a copy of my google drive folder, why

I just upgraded my account from my ancient plus one which let me move to v3 from v1 on my Ubuntu box.

Looks good, but now there is an Insync folder in my home directory, and inside that is a full copy of my Google Drive folder (which is the one I sync).

Why did it make this folder? Now google drive data takes up twice the space on my drive. Can I delete this new folder? Which one is actually synced?

Hi! To know which one is synced, please check your Base Folder:

May I know if you selected the same sync location when you were upgrading from 1.x to 3.x? There is an option there while setting up to choose the existing location.

Yes, I selected the existing location. But it seems clear that it’s using the new copy of the folder inside the Insync folder and NOT the original folder.

This is OK, but it would be nice if it said it was going to do this, since a lot of applications were using the old folder, which now doesn’t get synced. Surprise!


I see! Looks like Insync somehow rejected that old location.

Could you let me know if the new folder and the Drive web copies are updated? If so, would you like to re-use the old folder’s path or would you prefer to stay on the current sync location?