New insync-headless initial reaction

Glad to see insync headless as a new release. the old 1.x version stopped working for me a long time ago and I’ve been without a sync option for my home server.
So I kicked things off and I’ve got a couple of questions / concerns:

  1. It doesn’t seem to support symlinks at all. Just gives me errors. Not only that, but if I dismiss all the errors and then restart the insync-headless daemon, all the errors reappear. I’m not sure the best way to support these, but creating a bunch of errors every time the daemon starts seems like a temporary solution in need of a more long term approach. (FYI, the main thing I use this tool for is to backup certain directories (e.g. like an rsync to the cloud). Just skipping the symlinks would be my least favorite option, but would be better than what we have today. A full sync would be nice.
  2. I’m not sure where all the configuration data is stored. It doesn’t seem to use the standard /etc/* location. There’s some stuff in a sqlite3 db in .config, but it would seem there’s some other config information stored somewhere else (like where are the selective sync settings?).
  3. My status says to autostart, but it doesn’t seem to work after a server reboot. I have to issue the following command after reboot to make it start “sudo -u bkuser insync-headless start” I’m sure I could hack in an init.d or systemd service file to make this work, but I’d rather not if there is just something I’m missing.
  4. Is there some sort of subscription that I’m missing here? I’ve had insync for a LONG time (march of 2014). The old headless version worked fine with my subscription. This one seems to indicate that I’m in “Office Trial (expires on March 28, 2021).”

I’ll keep the feedback coming as I try more stuff out…

Hi @rszimm, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

For points 1 to 3-- let me bring this up with our Linux team to make sure I have the right info for you :wink: As for the 4th point, Insync 3.x-headless is now a separate product from Insync 3.x GUI (driven by user feedback when we were collecting data), which further led us to the direction of having a separate subscription. Here is the pricing for Insync 3 Headless as well as the FAQs.

Thanks for your response! I’m looking forward to the 1-3 answers. In the mean time I checked out the pricing for headless. Yikes! $40 PER YEAR with no perpetual license?! I guess I don’t understand that. I can create a boot up script that logs on a user and use the desktop version for far far less money and basically identical functionality. It’s a bit baffling.

I guess I’ll keep providing feedback until the license expires on the 27th. Despite your pricing on the headless version, thanks for creating a wonderful product!

Same reaction.
V1 can still run (various people do still use it) - but it’s “set and forget” (which is the beauty) - but not one I want to keep paying for.

I saw the “unlimited account” offer and considered adding another family member as it was/is one off - but not without headless, and not at an ongoing subscription.