New Insync version: 1.3.19 (High Sierra update)


Release notes:

  • Mac: Fixed issues with onboarding and saving selective sync settings in High Sierra.
  • Mac: Fixed the setting of starting Insync on login in High Sierra.
  • Windows: Fixed compatibility with reFS.
  • Windows: Fixed issue with setting a root drive as an Insync location.

Windows (1.3.21 – included a fix for regression bug introduced in 1.3.19)

Please help us test.


macOS 13 (High Sierra) - compatible or no?


Looks good, no problems so far. Thanks.


Thank you, it’s all working again :slight_smile:


I am having problems with the new version. First the files saved by my colleague who works on a mac came up as errors and remained ‘access denied’. After a reboot and restarting insync on my machine after waiting for an hour we seem to be there except 2 errors ‘unable to remoce the file to be replaced’.


Can you ask your colleague to send in a ticket via Thanks!