New Insync version: 1.4.2

This is our last beta version for 1.4 before making it our default version of Insync.

Release notes:

  • Increased number of concurrent uploads/downloads.
  • Fixed some temporary files used for downloading (.insyncdl) not being deleted.
  • Fixed error dialog when changing location of Insync folder.
  • Fixed syncing of Team Drive items for some cases.
  • Added ‘Open with’ context menu.
  • Added feature to rename items.
  • Added ‘Get link’ context menu.
  • Fixed displaying of previews.
  • Added a way to choose default My Drive location during onboarding.
  • Added various UI improvements.
  • Headless Linux: Added Team Drives functionality.
  • Headless Linux: Improved error messages.



Please help us test.


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There seems to be a bug in this one. Every single file fails. Retry is futile. See attached screenshot:

Unit tests?

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Hi @Gabriel_Fair, please send your log files to for investigation. Tagging our engineers @marte @jimperio

In my case the sync is gets stuck after only a handful of files and does not continue. Will email Support and send logs as well.

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I’m also seeing this issue with 1.4.2.

@Gabriel_Fair @Justin_C_Ferguson Apologies for this bug, we have found the root cause and will be releasing a fix soon. (It’s a backward-compatibility issue with certain sync states from the 1.3 versions.)

@Anthony_Palacios If your sync issue is different, please send your log files to so we may investigate in more detail.

Thank you all for trying it out and for the feedback!


Hellow, it’s posible one version for Ubuntu 16.04 32-bit? This is my Ubuntu version.

Thank you!

I’ve been without insync for too long. Should I switch to the 1.3.23 release, or would that break things if I downgraded?

EDIT: I recieved word in an email Thats its ok to downgrade. It won’t break anything.


@Gabriel_Fair Downgrading from 1.4.2 to 1.3.23 won’t break syncing of My Drive and Shared with me items. Only Team Drives would stop syncing.


Any word on when the hotfix will be released? Thank you

cc @dipesh kindly respond.

Can I upgrade to 1.4.2 via dnf if I have the insync repo installed? I just tried and it updated me to 1.3.24, just wondering if I have to do a fresh install to get to 1.4?

Fedora 27 here.

My system runs OpenSUSE 42.3, which was compatible with the Fedora 23 package of the version 1.3.22 of Insync. It seems that no package of Insync 1.4 is available for my system. Will OpenSUSE 42.3 be supported in the near future?

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Plz provide tarball or rpm version compiled against glibc 2.22 or preferably older so it could be used on OpenSUSE or other enterprise grade distros.

@Gabriel_Fair The issue has been fixed in the live 1.4.3 release


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<3 Thank you everyone!

I can not start insync as user, no autostart at boot,only sudo insync start works. Manajro Deepin.
On Manjaro Cinnamon all is fine.

version 1.4.4 - I work directly in the synchronized folder, when I copy a folder with many files it freezes the synchronization.I NEED TO RESOLVE THIS URGENTLY.

I have the same problem as Veipone. I paid for insync to use it with opensuse, which is not possible any longer as no Fedora 23 binaries are provided anymore.

Will there be any update on this?