New Insync version: 1.4.9


Release notes:

  • Added on-hover menu to Files view
  • Added a selective sync notice for existing accounts
  • Added new centrally- and externally-synced folder icons
  • Reverted default behavior to sync new children of partial folders
  • Improved sync by removing newly-ignored items from queue
  • Fixed double-click to open gdlink files for newly-added accounts
  • Improved path checking when locating missing folders
  • Improved top bar icons and styles
  • Mac: Fixed unresponsiveness on startup
  • Linux: Added sni-qt to list of dependencies for .deb packages
  • Linux: Added python2-gobject to insync-nautilus .rpm dependencies
  • Linux: Fixed UI bug on initial add account screen



Please help us test.


After upgrade from 1.4.9 to 1.5.1, Insync fails to start
Team drive issues




Nice to see another version, congratulations :smile: However, Fedora repository seems to be very outdated (still points to 1.4.5…) :unamused:


Hey @Costa!

Thanks! :slight_smile: Any specific feature you’d like to see in the future? And how does the Fedora repository run for you in terms of quality?


Hi @Gregory,

Considering that the Fedora repository hasn’t provided any version beyond 1.4.5, I must say that it’s useless as it is, since every Fedora user has to manually check for new versions, download and install them. Having an outdated repository doesn’t do any good for the community.

Also, while on the subject, please update the version id of the RPM packages, they still point to Fedora 25, which sends the wrong message of being an outdated package that doesn’t work on newest versions.


Hello can you please test this with a Google Apps drive that has over 5TB of files in deeply nested folders? B/c there hasn’t been any Insync version that works. Not on Linux or windows. All hot garbage. The 1.3 versions nor the 1.4 versions work. Lots of I/O activity on my disk but no syncing. I’ve let it run for over two weeks uninterrupted. No syncing, just garbage


Where is insync-headless package in this release? Is it missing? I see only in Linux apt repositories.


And why package for Ubuntu 18.04 named as artful instead of bionic?


Thanks for pointing that out.

Tagging our engineer @Kurt_Ko to check this out. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’ll be following this thread, since I also want to upgrade to a newer version! :slight_smile: When I run “apt-get install insync-headless”, it tells me “insync-headless is already the newest version (” … :frowning:

Thanks for everything!


Hey @BodoQC!

Thanks for reaching out. Watch out for Topics on the Forums because we may be sharing our new releases in a different Topic. We’ll let you know here as well though! :slight_smile: