New Insync version: 1.5.0


I have Insync set to open at startup, however I don’t want the new desktop window to show. It should just launch and show in the menubar like it used to.


Hey @petebocken,

You can still download our earlier builds from our website here. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to downgrade. I just think a setting could be made available to either “show window at startup” or not.


Hi @edovino thanks for raising this.

@Kurt_Ko I have the same laptop and also still have tiny fonts. Same output of xrandr.




Hi Kurt!

I’m so sorry I forgot to come back to you :no_mouth: ! I’m using Debian 9, but meanwhile it seems like the repositories have been updated because I was able to get with APT !

The manual update I tried before only messed with dpkg and I had to do some commands (that where shown) in order to resolve the situation.

Thanks a lot for the work!