New Insync version: 3.0.24

Release notes:

  • Add Share Dialog and in-app file share shortcut
  • Fix persistent checksum mismatch errors
  • Add notifications for activities, attention required, licensing, and auto-update
  • Linux: Prevent DEB installer from appending an extra sources entry
  • Linux: Fix insync-helper.desktop not opening certain files in the browser
  • Linux: Fix warnings during installation of DEB installer
  • Linux: Fix startup crash on Deepin & Mxlinux distros
  • Display accounts in the order they were added
  • Fix error in some cases when generating activity for renamed and moved items in OneDrive
  • Fix error in some cases when generating activity for a new item on Google Drive
  • Fix inconsistencies in Base Folder names for both Google Drive and OneDrive
  • Fix error in some cases when generating activity for moved items in Google Drive
  • Add notification throttling for Activity feed
  • Fix edit activities being generated when non-edit activities happen
  • Show the Activity Feed by default when starting the app
  • Improve Activity feed ‘options’ UX
  • Use ? icon to standarize all external help links
  • Fix an error when migrating the default Team Drives location from Insync 1.5

Windows 7 and later
macOS 10.10 (Yosemite and later)

Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial) & (18.04 Bionic)
Linux Mint (18.x) & (19.x)
Debian (8 Jessie) , (9 Stretch) & (10 Buster)
Fedora (27) , (28) , (29) & (30)

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What about insync-thunar plugin, which recently does not work at all???

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I have just tried this version.
“View on Drive Web” And “Open Location” fail. Nothing happens clicking them.

I didnt have time to check the sync.
I use Opensuse Tumbleweed and Kde

They should admit defeat and pull back v3 until it actually works…


Fedora 31 was released several weeks ago, yet the current Insync version is still marked as 30. That means that the Insync repository for Fedora RPMs will not update automatically, so I have to manually download and install the latest version. This should be corrected.

Still… I think I have to go to 1.5.7

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Neither this nor the previous version (3.0.23) appears to work on MacOS Catalina. It gets as far as authenticating with google via the browser (safari), and then it becomes unresponsive.

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10.15.1 and 3.0.23 working fine for a couple of weeks now, bar a few small bugs. My install route was an upgrade from 1.5 to 3.0.32 just before I moved over to Catalina.

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Hi, I’m new on using the Insync, I start with the 3.0.23, and update now to the 3.0.24, I’m at the FREE period using MacOS 10.15.1 and at Manjaro 18.1.1. And the sync stop and don’t finish at the logs don’t have informations:

insync.out.log is empty

2019-11-19 12:19:47.674 isdaemon[81456:1103594] Unregistering client com.insynchq.insync.clientipc.501
2019-11-19 12:19:47.674 isdaemon[81456:1103594] Disconnection noticed!
2019-11-19 12:19:47.675 isdaemon[81456:1103594] Terminating runloop
2019-11-19 12:19:47.697 isdaemon[81456:1103584] Terminating daemon
2019-11-19 12:20:01.923 isdaemon[15528:1189205] Starting daemon with name: com.insynchq.insync.daemon
2019-11-19 12:20:02.553 isdaemon[15528:1189205] IPC Descs (
2019-11-19 12:20:02.553 isdaemon[15528:1189205] Client registered: com.insynchq.insync.clientipc.501

And the sync list show the same files from the last hours… Can someone help to understand what is happen?

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I agree. To make things worse, they’ve left 1.5.7 to die. It throws errors and doesn’t work for the past few weeks on Linux. In the meantime, this terrible version 3 debacle continues. Wonder who forgot to remind the programmers and big shots at Insync that their customers might like stability and not losing features.

Strange. Works fine for me: 1.5.7 on Linux Mint 19.2. I’d actually expect it to continue working for as long as Google don’t change something in the APIs to break it. It’s not dependant on anything on Insync servers. At least I sincerely hope so. :smiley:

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Perhaps it might be limited to Arch Linux distributions and/or the Linux 5.3 kernel and beyond. There’s been some other comments on this in the forums and elsewhere.

I’m running kernel with no apparent problems (on a Dell XPS 13, if it matters).

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The latest version present for Fedora/openSUSE still remains in 3.0.23

The repositories seems to be lagged to be updated.

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System Windows 10
Frustrated by the results: hundreds of duplicated files, deleted directories, bad automatic synchronization, so I decided to act.
First, I uninstalled completely the previous version of Insync, all traces of the program even in the registry. Also, the directories of Insyn. I used version 1.5.7 which was very stable.
Then I completely deleted my data on my computer as well as the INSYNC directory in \App Data.
I was restarting the computer and I deleted the .dll file in the INSYNC directory in \App Data.
I installed version 3.0.24 on two computers. For the moment, both work very well, the automatic synchronization and duplication of files, the green colour of the checkmark. Until now, everything works fine and it’s very stable.

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