New Insync version: 3.0.28

Hi! It’s a different issue from what @Andor_Kiss has posted here.

Does this include any fix to the memory leak on OSX? If not, is there an estimate which version (i.e. 29 or 30?) that will have that fix?

Hi @inforr,

This build doesn’t have the fix yet, but the initial workaround will be available in 3.0.29 :slight_smile:

Thank you to all Insync engineers! Yay, I can start using it again on Debian now :slight_smile:

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@Pierre_Cornier Awesome. Thank you for waiting patiently!!

I’ve been experiencing issues on Debian buster since the v3 upgrade.

The GUI seems to freeze when there is a sync in progress.
The taskbar icon is stuck on blue syncing status even though there is nothing that got modified.
Sometimes files get stuck in upload.
Scrolling on certain screens is locked up.
Closing the application windows is unresponsive on first click when sync is in progress.

So I’ve rolled back to the 1.5.7. I’m afraid version v3 brought few new features and plenty breakage. I prefer to have stable, boring applications.

Please clean up your game.

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Hi @Zelmor,

Thank you for writing about your experience and my apologies for the experience.

Do you mind sending your logs to with the link to this post? Can you recall if it was a large sync at the time the issues started?

Hey there,

No logs since I purged the install. Sorry, should have thought ahead, but I’m currently ill.
After the rollback the client downloaded a bunch of things, apparently they were moved to a shared folder on my drive by my wife. These files didn’t sync previously.

Can you recall if it was a large sync at the time the issues started?

I occasionally archive webpages with wget. File count can be large, but size is usually sub 100MB.

In general, something is locking up the UI in v3, making it unresponsive. Clicking the pause sync button doesn’t always work on first try.

There is still one major bug. Can you please clarify if you are even aware of it?
Insync does still not reliably sync all files to the local directory between multiple computers. Not even root directory but right within already synced folders. I continuously have to manually open the Insync App and browse to a sub-folder where I know more files are present in Drive than locally are available. Miraculously the app suddenly recognizes the missing files and loads them. Working without a client is almost as practical as with Insync as I do not always 100% remember which of the thousands of files are omitted. Persists since a long time sadly.

Not sure if only Shared drives or private and shared. Mostly using shared drives at work.