New Insync version: 3.0.31

Release notes:

  • Prevent duplicates due to permission error
  • Automatically resume syncing on external/network drive when it’s plugged back
  • Linux: Add OpenSUSE to yum repo
  • Remove stale entries from the Progress feed
  • Refactor UI rendering for multiple clouds
  • Improve error message when attempting to download shared files marked as malware or spam
  • Ignore persistent mismatched checksum errors

Windows 7 and later
macOS 10.10 (Yosemite and later)

Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial) & (18.04 Bionic)
Linux Mint (18.x) & (19.x)
Debian (8 Jessie) , (9 Stretch) & (10 Buster)
Fedora (27) , (28) , (29) & (30)


Is there any chance that fully functional Thunar plugin for Insync3 will be available???

I use opensuse. Now, Im using this repo:

I tried to change a opensuse repo without success

How can I make it?

Still having the same issues that it does nut automatically fully sync items from cloud to local. Root folders of team shares seem to be all present but I still have to often manually open the app window, browse to a sub-folder where I know that there are more items in the cloud, just so that the app suddenly detects the files (because of me manually browsing within the app gui) and then finally syncing files to local.

Happened today with files & folders I have not touched in months. Almost like using the native google drive web interface. Only advantage that the files are on my hard drive without downloading them manually. But almost the same manual steps necessary.

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Can you elaborate on this? I had stopped using Insync because I would get notifications of seemingly thousands of these checksum errors (with 3.x only, 1.5.x was working fine previously). So it’s good to see something being done about that error, but it’s also a bit concerning that it’s just “ignore” the errors, since it sounds like possibly ignoring file corruption.

Hi! We ignore the checksum mismatch errors only after consecutively encountering it 4 times while trying to download the file. Insync 1.5 also used to ignore mismatched checksums.

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So what does “ignore” mean, does it mean it keeps the downloaded file with the supposedly bad checksum or doesn’t sync the file? Also do you know why there would be a lot of checksum errors/what the cause of the errors tend to be?