New Insync version: 3.8.0 with universal search!


  • Universal search feature: search files across all your cloud accounts
  • Win: Improve uniqueness of machine fingerprint to address a licensing bug
  • Fix app crash when browsing Starred section
  • Release Posthog product analytics to all users
  • Error-handling improvements: local to cloud syncing of a new file whose parent directory has been deleted in the cloud
  • Fix reliability of some scenarios concerning files that get implicitly trashed in the cloud due to the explicit trashing of its parent
  • Fix issue wherein the blue syncing badge still appears when an ignored item is modified locally
  • Ignore local files prefixed with .~ on Dropbox

Windows 7 and later
macOS 10.13 (High Sierra and later)

Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial) , (18.04 Bionic) , (20.04 Focal) , (22.04 Jammy) & (22.10 Kinetic)
Linux Mint (18.x) , (19.x) , (20.x) & (21.x)
Debian (8 Jessie) , (9 Stretch) , (10 Buster) & (11 Bullseye)
Fedora (27) , (28) , (29) , (30) , (36) & (37)


Love the direction in which Insync is now heading. Universal search is so convenient. Moreover glad to see sync bugs are being fixed.


This comment means a lot to us, @Sparsh. Thank you!!

This version is not in the Ubuntu repos yet. When can we expect it?

@Bill_Miller Hi! We update the repositories after our web release. I’ll follow this up with our Linux team. Thanks!

Either still or again, I get

Insync headless is not included in your "Developer Sync/Developer Sync/Developer Sync/Developer Sync" license. Visit for more info.

with insync- when I run insync status. Commands like start and quit work. Note that this is not the headless install, just the cli to the applet, In any case, I thought headless is included in my license but can’t find info about the extent of that legacy license.

Hi @MJG!

I checked your account and I can see that you own a Developer Sync Plan.

To note: Insync-headless is included in our new pricing: It is not included in the Solo/Personal/Developer/Company Sync Plan.

Follow up: I’ll check why this prompt pops ups. You’re still doing insync start when you get this prompt, similar to your report here, correct?

Yes, I reposted here because of the new version. I start the applet using insync start and usually operate through the tray icon. All commands on the cli seem to work, including hide/show, it is just insync status which gives this error. Everything from the same shell within a GUI desktop - no headless insync install, no headless usage of the cli.
(And yes, I thought headless is included with this license as is server. Distinguishing between cli/headless/server etc and the various licenses will require taking a couse on that soon …)

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Gotcha. Could you send over your logs.db and out.txt files to Please address the email to me and include a link to this forums post for easy reference. :slight_smile:

The logs should be in ~/.config/Insync. Thank you!

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Were you ever able to figure out how to get Insync to open from cli? Given that there is currently no Flatpak support and I am running Fedora Silverblue, I would like to install it in a toolbox and run it that way. I can install it within a toolbox, but it won’t open.

I can start insync using insync start, and it shows in the tray just fine. I can operate it from there. Alternatively, insync show shows the gui from the cli.
insync status still does not work - apparantly this as intended, but why should it need a headless license? Makes no sense.
I’m using insync 3.8.4 on Fedora Workstation 37. Silverblue can be tricky. Can you open the gui with insync show? I’m not sure how well the systray integration works from within a toolbox. You may have to export the app or do something else. Alternatively, layer the insync rpm instead of using toolbox, although layering makes rpm-ostree slow. At least this can help you figure out whther toolbox is the issue here.