New Insync version: 3.8.6


  • Fix re-authentication issues on Google Drive when an account is used in multiple Insync instances via alternative/web login
  • Automatically and indefinitely retry specific network and server errors
  • Improve proxy settings UX

Windows 7 and later

Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial), (18.04 Bionic), (20.04 Focal), (22.04 Jammy), (22.10 Kinetic), (23.04 Lunar)
Linux Mint (18.x), (19.x), (20.x), (21.x)
Debian (9 Stretch), (10 Buster), (11 Bullseye)
Fedora (27), (28), (29), (30), (36), (37)


Thanks for the new release.

Is it possible to also add Debian Bookworm links to the announcements? Debian Bookworm is in freeze and will be released soon(ish), I think the links should be visible.

Same for Fedora 38. It’s stable.

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Thanks @bayindirh! I’ll give our Linux Team a nudge about this :slight_smile:


Fwiw, I am keeping up to date with this in NixOS too:

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What about Fedora 35?
I have installed insync- in my Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 machine. It’s not working (Application does not start). Then I modified qt platform to eglfs with (–qt-qpa-platform eglfs) switch. Now app starts but I can’t use GUI.
Is there any fix for this?

@Nipuna_S_Perera1 Hi! Could you send the output of QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 insync start --no-daemon?